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Man of stone
not_be_that_guy wrote in depression

I'm in one of those rare moods when I feel like music and have a guitar in hand. I'm grooving along nicely to "Say Something", in the zone, feeling it to the core. Then I have to chase fucking cats out of the office. It's very well known that I do NOT want them in the office because they end up on my desk knocking shit over. Oh, while I was trapped at work the other night my wife feels sorry for them and lets them into the office. Now the effort on my part to keep them out is ten times higher. I'm tired of these cats. They get on the stove constantly also. Really tired of these fucking cats...

Oddly enough, I can somewhat relate.

One of my triggers is animal related (actually I have a lot of animal related triggers) and I just hate dogs, I can't stand them, and everyone around my townhouse (other townhouses, some singular houses part of the ... subdivision? I don't know) walks their dog in front of my house. There are a lot of people that pass by daily, and I smoke cigarettes outside. I see them walking their dogs. I've never said anything and never been anything but nice to them and said hi, and I still to this day will go out for a cigarette and I'll find dog shit somewhere in front of my house, when I was just out for a cigarette an hour before and didn't see it! I literally get SO ANGRY and have thought about investing in a secret videocamera to catch them on tape and get them fined. I hate that some people make the choice to own a dog, and still feel like they're not responsible for its poop! And I am bombarded by endless amounts of single woman friends from high school with their dogs, with the caption "my boyfriend" or "best friends forever!"

Idk just hate dogs. even seeing a picture of a dog makes me angry.

Have you tried putting a sign up?


Or something to that effect...including the code of local laws is good.

I've thought about it, but I have a fear that if I do that people will just be like "Who does this lady think she is? It's not a big deal!" and then do it more. To like, spite me or something. idk.

It's your yard. If they take an attitude, bag your own poo and empty it in their yard in the middle of the night. Okay, that's just my mindset...no wonder I'm strange... Seriously, it's your yard, they're as good as trespassing on your property. Your yard isn't there to be their dog's toilet.

OT but if you report the problem enough, and even go as far as videotaping it and finding out who it is and if they come around regularly, it will get dealt with.

That's one of the top reasons, if not the only reason why dogs get banned from parks, because people won't pick their dogs' shit up. It's a HUGE sanitary issue. And not to mention it's in front of your house, where you, and countless other people walk daily...

When I used to walk my dog in a local park where I worked, I would pick up other peoples dog shit, and I would loudly tell my dog along the lines of, "Wow, look how many people shouldn't have dogs!!" when other people with dogs would walk by, as I carried two other bags of poo. Because that particular park was about to ban dogs because of it. Either I got the point across with a lot of people in-directly, or they announced they were about to ban dogs, but after a while I stopped seeing dog shit unattended.

At the very least, find out who's doing it and keep an eye out for them, if you see it happening and they walk away from it, catch up with them and provide them a bag for them to pick up, be polite, and kindly ask for it to not happen again, because it is in front of your house, where you live, and you would rather not have dog shit in front of your house.

If that doesn't work, or if you're not up to it (and I can understand why.... I feel the same way), find out your cities codes on dogs, and call for information about it. If there is something, pursue the fuck out of it, because that kind of shit gives dog-owners a bad name. I let my dog shit sit for a while in my own yard, but if she's out in public, and I don't have a bag, I will find a fucking stick and pick it up like a goddamn campfire hotdog to dispose of it. Because fuck humanity.

edit because an html broke, sorry sorry sorry!

And an add-on while I'm editing: lay down the rules OP. I have 3 cats, and I can understand the ungodly rage I feel when my cats go as far as jumping up on a wardrobe to knock shit over just for the hell of it. They can live and survive without going into one room. That's what doors were made for, and your space should be respected.

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Not to sound all Freud here, but I don't think it's the cats.

So what is it? Your wife letting them invade your space? The interruption of your zone? The lack of respect on behalf of your wife? The ranking of a mere animal over your wishes/desires?

So sit her down. Make sure you sell her on how much this is *your* space, and you do not want cats in it. That you need a retreat from the world, and cats bring you back. That it feels like she is brushing you off when she lets them in. Let her know that this isn't a preference; a 'I'd rather you not..."; or a pet peeve. That this isn't something negotiable or deal-able (the deal is that the cats can be everywhere else...). You need a cat-free area.

Oh, she knows...but "cats are cats" and she's too gentle with them, versus my being "too harsh"...she'll say "No!" 493 times where I'll say it only three.

"Cats are cats" is just an excuse, you know. If you train an animal not to go in a room when its first brought in, such as shut the door and not let them in there for whatever reason, and they never step a foot inside... they will form a habit of thinking, "this place is off limits" even when you leave the door open.

I've had cats since I was 8 years old. I took one of my parents cats to my own place. We left the doors shut and didn't let her go anywhere near there-- she just learned that there was nothing interesting back there near the bedrooms or baby's room. The doors were always shut, and even if someone forgot to shut it or someone new was around, cat wouldn't wander in there. Cats are creatures of habit, they aren't just "programmed" a certain way.

My wife has had cats most of her life...she thinks she's the cat whisperer.

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